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  • Zip Up That Snowsuit and Socialize– Covid Wellness

    by Terrie Towle, LCPC, RN, CCFP



    With this covid challenge lasting almost a year now, you may be getting lonely for socialization with neighbors, friends, and family.  This week, in the Wall Street Journal, I read how bright wildly-colored retro snowsuits are coming back into fashion.  These one-piecers were popular on the ski slopes of Sun Valley and Vale several decades ago, keeping skiers warm and dry and giving the occupant a look of “alpine glamour”.  These warm puffy suits eventually went by the wayside when the more convenient and slimmer two-piece suits came into fashion.

    Recently, however, these iconic neon one-piecers have made their way out of attic chests.  They can be found worn in backyards and front yards with neighbors, friends, and family members  gathering together —  sitting in wide friendly circles with hot cider, bowls of hot chili with cheese, and even perhaps around a bonfire or firepit.  This sounds like the perfect answer to a dreary snowy covid winter season– with social distancing and masks, of course.

    Well… you don’t have to own a funky retro 1-piece snowsuit to join outside in covid camaraderie.  Just wearing long johns and anything warm enough to keep you comfy will do… including blankets, sleeping bags, etc.  I have missed being with friends and family and I’m tired of being locked up indoors watching the constant news, trying (and failing) to find good TV shows to watch.  But wait!  We don’t have to be locked up inside all the time.  We can still have those get-togethers that we’ve been missing out on for way too long.  Thank you retro snowsuits for helping us think “outside the box”.  YOU may even want to start a whole new tradition in your neighborhood and town.  :))

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