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  • Testimonials

    “I was so scared to get into counseling, since my family has some sort of stigma towards it. However, when I went in for my first session, feeling like a big jumbled mess of nerves/anxiety, Terrie’s mannerisms and aura immediately put me at ease. I got comfortable with her pretty quickly, even though I’m usually a very reserved person. I grew to love going to my sessions with her, and getting all the baggage off my shoulders. Plus she always had my favorite tea ready to go when I got there. Overall, she’s a lovely lady, very accommodating, professional yet still personable! I’m glad she put up with me because I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!” J.S.


    “I am thankful to have found Terrie! She’s wonderful and truly cares. I tried a few others before finding the right fit with Terrie. She makes a comfortable environment with no judgement. She has helped me work through childhood trauma, extreme grief of losing parents, and just day to day life stressors.”  D.D.


    “Terrie is absolutely amazing! I am truly thankful for all she has taught me and helping me along in my healing journey.”  H.C.


    “I was privileged to be counseled by Terrie for just shy of 1 year and absolutely LOVED the advice, kindness and genuine concern Terrie showed towards me.  Terrie has left a lasting impression with my thoughts and continued work within myself.  I really enjoyed meeting with her and gaining a different perspective into my own thoughts, feelings and outlook on life.  I would absolutely recommend Terrie to anyone looking for a thoughtful, caring, and positive counselor.”   Jen R.


    “I saw Terrie for over seven months.  She provided to me guidance and support during a challenging time.  I honestly can say that with her help I was able to move forward with making healthy decisions.  If in the future I need some help again, I’m definitely going to see her.  She is gentle, knowledgeagle, and caring.  I highly recommend her.  Forever grateful”.  B.F.


    “Terrie is a wonderful counselor.  She is very knowledgeable and kind.  She has a lot of empathy.  She helped me a lot with EMDR treatments, I started to notice the improvements almost immediately.  I highly recommend Terrie, if you need help with complex PTSD and EMDR.”   K.D.


    “I have been seeing Terrie for counseling since I was eight years old (I’m 18 now).  We were initially interested in her because she had a dog (hypoallergenic) and I love dogs!  I love going to see her.  It’s nice and calming, she offers tea and it feels like she truly cares about me and my problems… and cares about helping me through them!  The hour long sessions feel like 10 minutes because she makes it fun.  I highly recommend going to see her for your counseling needs if you are looking for a counselor who is bubbly, helpful, and caring!  I’m truly blessed to have found her because I feel like I have found a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings while feeling safe.”   T. N.


    “I found Terrie after a move to Boise.  I was having difficulty grieving the loss of parents, pets and a dear friend.  Terrie is kind, a good listener and gave me the tools I needed to handle my grief and the recent move.  I would highly recommend Terrie!”   D.L.