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  • Telecounseling

    Do check with your out-of-network insurance company to see if online or telephone counseling will be covered by your policy. Self-pay is fine to use with all online or telephone sessions.

    ** Payment is made online at the “Make a Payment” tab 5-10 minutes before each session begins ; I will receive an immediate email. Thank you.

    I invite you to visit the following articles:”<

    *Note of gratitude:  Thank you and for your generosity in allowing me to share your articles on this website.

    Here is what to do to have a session using Theraplatform:

    At least 5 minutes before your appointment time, you can log into your virtual waiting room. I am now using a new telecounseling platform called Theraplatform. You can arrive at the waiting room (also called the client portal) in 2 ways:

    (1) Find your client reminder & link in your email and following instructions (check “junk”).

    (2) Navigate in your browser to https://terrie.theraplatform.c… or click here. The 1st time you use the client portal, reset to your own personal password.

    At your scheduled appointment time, click on “JOIN SCHEDULED” and I will “bring you in”.

    A day or two before your 1st telecounseling appointment, test your computer to check for any possible challenges that need problem-solving. See the following specific instructions for common camera/microphone blocking.

    1. Open a Chrome browser.

    2. On the top right, click on the vertical 3 buttons. (Or could be yellow/orange circle with an arrow pointing up.)

    3. Click on “Settings” (eleventh down from top).

    4. On the left column, set on “Privacy and security” (third down).

    5. Click on “Site Settings” (second down from top).

    6. Click on “Camera” (third down from top). Note: Microphone option is below this. (The next 2 steps are similar.)

    7. Near the top Chrome may be under the “Blocked” section. Click on Chrome (or side arrow to the right of it).

    8. Go to “Camera” (second down). Click to the right of it and click to “Allow”.

    Before you start your session, please do the following:

    1. Perform the Pre-call Test in the client portal/waiting room, so that you know your connection is good. For the 1st video session, it’s best to do this earlier in the day, in case you need to make some camera or audio adjustments. Sometimes the security setting needs to be changed to allow the camera to be in use.  Most often the best browsers to use are Chrome and Firefox for computer and Safara for phone.

    2.  Know that sometimes older computers don’t have enough speed to handle telehealth. The minimum internet speed requirement for telehealth is 15 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. You can check your internet speed by googling:

    3.  Before your session, please make your payment at my website:  Go to the “Make Payment” tab. Thank you!

    4.  Gather things that you need to make yourself comfortable during the session: something to drink, writing and simple art supplies, etc.

    5.  Make sure you have the lighting and privacy that you need. Turn off your phone and other electronic devices that could interrupt session.

    6.   I agree that. . . 

    a) “I am in a safe and controlled area, and my counseling space is confidential and safe. I am able to keep the auditory and visual interaction of my therapy session from being seen or heard beyond the designated attendees, to the best of my knowledge and ability”.

    b) “I am not using this call during a medical or psychiatric emergency… nor do I have suicidal thoughts and intention. If I am having such thoughts, I will seek help immediately by calling 911 or going to the nearest emergency facility in my community”.

    About telecounseling platform. . .

    If for some reason we need to use platform, instructions are as follows:  Navigate in your brouser to:  or click here .  Sign in to notify me that you have arrived.


    Older devices,  bad internet connection, and  not enough bandwidth are the most common reasons why a call won’t start.  Use the doxybot precall test to make sure your speakers and camera are all set up and working.  Clients can go to:      The test results will estimate the call quality that you may experience.  There may be other diagnostic tests you can run, as well.

    Make improvements:

    If you receive poor scores on the diagnostic tests, these steps will help you connect:

    • Make sure your computer meets  minimum system requirements.
    • Use a newer computer with plenty of speed. Sending and receiving video takes a lot of computer power. Old or slow computers will have a harder time processing the video, which can cause choppiness.
    • Turn off other devices on the same wifi connection are using high bandwidth activities (e.g., Netflix / Youtube / Skype / FaceTime)
    • Move closer to your wifi router, and switch to the 5GHz frequency. This will increase the maximum amount of bandwidth available to your device over a shorter distance.
    • Use an ethernet cable connecting your computer to the router. This will provide the most stable connection possible.
    • Make sure your router isn’t physically obstructed or out of view. Keep it in the open, and the signal will be stronger.

    If none of the steps above resolve the issue, please contact support.  Google: Help Center.