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  • About Terrie . . .

    Hello and Welcome.  Thank you for coming to visit this website.

    If you’re a healthcare professional, that is:  a nurse, PA, NP, counselor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, pharmacist, veterinarian, dentist,  pastor, a first responder, teacher, or a student of any of the above, or a community helper that I haven’t named– the information contained in this website is for you.  You may be feeling  burned out, overwhelmed with your responsibilities, finding yourself irritable, emotionally and physically exhausted, dreading going to work each day, triggered by difficult and challenging professional experiences, feeling numb and not sure where your compassion has gone; and there is hope!  I would like to help you regain your enthusiasm, patience, confidence, compassion–  love and meaning for your chosen profession, your relationships, and your life.  In other words, I’d like to help you  “re-light your fire”.


    In addition, I also work with non-violent marriage and relationship coaching– for those individuals really wanting the relationship to improve and willing to put in the work.  The basis of this relationship coaching is ecclectic– with an emphasis on Julie and John Gottmans’ studies/work.


    Here’s a brief history of my career in the helping fields:

    Idaho State University helped me earn a bachelors degree in nursing in 1973.  As a nurse, I worked as a a public health nurse, an ob-gyn office nurse, and longest as a hospital psychiatric nurse–  always with a special interst in counseling and teaching.  By then my husband and I had 2 children.  Our 2nd boy became profoundly deaf and our family dove into learning sign language.   I eventually worked part-time for a few years at the university and the public school system as an interpreter.  Eventually, I went back to school at the College of Idaho to earn my masters in community counseling in 1993.  For 30+ years I was a mental health therapist in the Treasure Valley, primarily in private practice.  I worked with both children and adults, and with a special interest and training in trauma, EMDR, EFT, and relationships counseling.  In 2023 I retired my counseling license to partially retire and to become a life coach. … And that’s about it.  It seems that learning and growing– and working with people has always been an valued part of my life.  Please note that both these coaching opportunites are focused on the Present/Future.

    Please note:  one of the basic differences between a counseling and coaching is….  Counseling can be focused on resolving:              Past emotional pain and trauma + the Present and Future.  Coaching is primarily focused on:  the Present and Future.


    I would love to have the opportunity to talk with you.  Please email: or leave a message at:  208-344-7800 if you are wanting to sign up for the 4-month Burnout/ Compassion Fatigue Coaching Program– or are wanting Relationship Coaching.


    Take good care,

    Terrie  🙂